Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Use the New Electronic Gate and Door System

The swing gate has been retrofitted with an electronic piston and the Club House and Indoor Range entry doors now have electronic access. As you approach the front gate you will find a pink pedestal that is accessible from the driver window of the vehicle. Place the “FOB” key against the reader which will turn green and you will hear the gate begin to open. Proceed through the gate, pull forward for clearance and allow the gate to close. The same process should be used as you exit the facilities grounds.

Similarly, for the door access place your FOB against the reader and PULL the door open. You must do this within a few seconds or the locking mechanism will re-engage.


What Happens With the Gate and Doors if There is a Power Outage?

When implementing the new electronic access system the Board of Directors took into account issues when there is a power failure. The Gate's primary power system is 12v DC battery power which is continually recharged. The Club House door systems also has two reduntant power supplies in case of an outage. Remember the Indoor Range is not to be used when there is a power outage due to safey issues surrounding lighting and ventilation.


All the FOBs Look The Same; Can EVERYONE Access the Indoor Range?

The FOBs have been programed with access levels for different parts of our Facilities Grounds. Only members that have taken the Indoor Range Orientation Safety Class will have their FOB access to the Indoor Range. If you are interested in taking the safety class look for the next available date on our Monthly Calendar.


Where To Register for the Monthly Dinner Meeting

You can RSVP for the Club's Monthly Dinner Meeting by going to the following site or by Clicking Here. Dinner is held every second Tuesday of the month and is 7$ per person. We have a soda machine onsite or you can BYOB.


What Are the Range Saftey Rules?

  • Everyone has the responsibility of being a Range Safety Officer; if you see anything dangerous call a CEASE FIRE
  • There is no handling of ammunition, magazines, stripper clips, or Firearms while anyone is down range
  • There is no ground shooting at any time; All targets should be set so bullets end in the sand backstop
  • All Firearms should be placed on the benches unloaded, chamber open and upright, and muzzle down range
  • Members are able to have two guests with them, however only ONE person may shoot at a time, and there is only to be ONE Firearm out at a time; all additional Firearms need to be bagged or boxed